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A wide selection of Cadix planters, ‍‍‍furniture, ornaments and topiary collections are available from a network of Garden Centres and Retailers across the UK.

To find your nearest stockist, please view our Top100 Retailers map.

We advise that you contact your local retailer to check the ranges stocked before making a special journey.

Garden Centres‍‍‍

Online Retailers

Garden Street www.gardenstreet.co.uk

Greenfingers www.greenfingers.com

Garden Home www.gardenhome.co.uk

Grand Gardens www.grandgardens.net

Home Inspired www.homeinspired.co.uk

In Garden www.ingarden.co.uk

InstaDecor www.getpotted.com

Internet Gardener www.internetgardener.co.uk‍‍‍

JTF Wholesale www.jtf.com

Primrose www.primrose.co.uk

Passion for Pots www.passionforpots.com

Replica Plants www.replicaplants.co.uk

Outdoor Living www.outdoorlivinguk.co.uk

Savvy Surf www.savvysurf.co.uk

The Van Hage Garden Company www.vanhage.co.uk

The Worm That Turned www.worm.co.uk

Touch of Magic www.gardenhousedesign.co.uk

Urban Outdoors www.urban-outdoors.co.uk

Wayfair www.wayfair.com

Worldstores www.worldstores.co.uk

If you would like to Buy Online, please see our list of Online Retailers and links to their websites.